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Added on 6th April 2012

Our primary objective is to provide information: information on the Association, its Executives, our Members, the College, its Board of Governors, the Headmistress, Teachers, other Staff Members and Students on our past, present, and future activities. It also includes our Constitution, past newsletters, and photos taken at various events which alumni and friends attended.

If you do not find that which you are looking for, drop us an email with your suggestions or requests and we will do our very best to accommodate you. We want our website to serve you. 

We trust that alumni around the world will submit news of themselves and each other and that many of our members will submit their profiles. SSCAAT is a not-for-profit organization mainly comprising alumni of the St. Stanislaus College in Guyana. Its prime mission is to assist our alma mater through financial and other donations, in order to provide better education for students at the College. 
Our goal is to improve the learning environment so that the College can eventually regain the prominent status it once held. There is much that can be done particularly through the use of technology and we welcome expertise in all areas. The Association provides financial aid to the College in Guyana to improve its physical environment and sends educational equipment to maximize the opportunity for its students to acquire the best possible education. We also offer bursaries to offspring of alumni, and our website serves as a medium through which alumni can contact and communicate with former school-mates.  
As the Association depends on volunteerism to obtain funds, we need the support of former SAINTS students, their families and friends. I am therefore inviting you to actively participate in and contribute to the SAINTS community. Your participation will not only be beneficial to others, including the students at the College, but may also give you some measure of satisfaction.
The Executive has set substantial goals for our fund raising events.  We have identified projects we expect will raise over $59,000 in this fiscal year (September 2011- September 2012).
With our newly approved St Stanislaus College Charitable Society, we can now issue Tax Deductible Receipts for goods and cash donated to the Society.  Please continue to visit us as often as possible.
Vibert Lambert, President 2015-2017