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From Looking For
Soraya Narine -

[posted October 20th 2016]
Looking for Susan Chan
Art Williams
Cell: 416-605-9461

[posted November 2015]]
Joe Reis
Paul Brown -

[posted June 25th 2014]
I am looking for Richard and Roger Seymour..circa 1970 ish. We were neighbours in 60's.
Fiona Legall -

[posted January 9th 2014]
Kajal Judister 
Anthony Faria -

From Georgetown Guyana.
Son of Mr.Herman Faria prominent Pianst and band leader in the 40's and early 50's.
I attended Sacred Heart R.C.School. 

[posted January 9th 2014]

I am trying to contact Mr.Bernard Heydorn.

Author and Columnist.

Thank you.

Terrence Baksh

[posted April 4th 2013]

Karen Steele

Gangadin Nirmal
Saints alum. 85-90

[posted January 8th, 2013]

Would like to link up with anyone who attended Saints during my era.

Christine Daniels Leonard

[posted April 19th 2012]

David Narine Singh, attended Saint's sometime between 1970 and 1975. Left Guyana shortly after to study in the US, possibly in Boston, Massachusetts. 

Merla Romao

[posted November 22nd, 2011]

Shelly Joseph

Kenneth A. Jordan attended Saints from 1952 to 1960 
Phone: 810-516-9781

[posted August 16th 2011]

Trying to contact Raymond Patrick Persaud who attended Saints 1952 to 1958. Last known address was in Brooklyn, New York

Angela Persaud: 416-890-0238

[posted August 4th, 2011]

Maurice Mitchell

Looking for a long lost friend. Any help would be appreciated. Maurice Mitchell who used to be in the "Fifth Dimension" in the early 70's. I would like to see him before I lose my eye-sight.

Jinette Yasmin attended St. Joseph email tel: 905-846-0754

[posted July 25th 2011]

Would like to contact Paul Henderson who attended St. Stanislaus....I think he graduated in 1972 or was in sixth form science in 1972......actually looking for his sister Patricia (Muriel) Henderson....thanks.

Wade McDonald -1972-1974 

[posted July 2nd 2011]

Looking for anyone that has a school photo for these 2 years

Fernandes,Rudy-saints grad 1945

[posted April 18th 2011]

Looking for someone who knew my father Rudy or his parents (Lennie and Dorothy)or uncles, Charles and Francis for genealogical purposes

Shazana Zumpfe-Cochran

(formerly Bibi Shazana Mangaru)


Farrah Bettina Ann Henderson graduation of year 1995

Lennox Singh attended saints from

1957 TO 1964 residing in toronto


[posted November 10th, 2010]

John Vansluytman played football for saints,

lived in new york,now retired and living in florida

Someone from Saints 59'ers

posted April 21, 2009

Would like to contact:
Patrick Govind
was last known to be
in the RAF in England

Mr.Govind if interested
please contact us at Contact Saints


posted April 21, 2009

Would like to contact:
Mr. Credic Hing  attended Saints 1948 - 1952
Once lived in Ruimveldt
close to the brewery

Mr. Hing if interested
please contact us at Contact Saints

Alfred (Freddy) DeFreitas

- looking for Robert McRae from St. Mary's - 1965 - 1966 - Contact or at

Roy Mohabir (MAUBY)

Would like to hear from:
Ramesh (Ken) Ramdat 
St. Stanislaus College-1973-1978

Contact Roy at: tel: (416) 675-8737

Jennifer Stewart-Page
Saints staff
1972 - 1974

Would like to contact:
Rev. Monty Williams

if interested
please contact us at Contact Saints

Sandra Ann Charles
(nee Singh)

Would like to contact:
Shantini Singh   circa 1980-1985
has 2 brothers Ronald and Rohan Singh 
also attended Saints

Shantini if interested
please contact us at Contact Saints

Savitri Lutawan

Please contact us
(any member of the Exec)
Someone from your list 
has contacted us!

Would like to contact:
Urmilla Persaud, Ian Moonsammy,
Alexi Singh,
Sheliza Ameeridudin, Ravi Poorandat

All attended Saints 1980 - 1985
Get in touch by contacting Contact Saints

Morsha Johnson

Would like to get in touch with Victor Persaud
acquainted during 1985 - 1987 attendance @ Saints

Arthur "Prince" Veerasammy 416-431-1171

Glen Armogan, Matthew Verapen, Edwin Seeraj,

Victor Sancho, Lloyd Houston - 1952-1957

Richard deCaires Saints



Trying to contact Pat Luck who attented Saints during the early 60's.

Long-time aquaintance

Would like to get in touch with Raymond Patrick Persaud
attended Saints 1952 - 1958

Neil Pereira...from Buxton,

the hot spot on the East Coast...yeah!

Looking to tag up with Wilfred Carr, classmate at St Stanislaus, 100 years ago. Send me an email, man!



Henry Swain - Saints 1966 to 1971

Would like to contact any of the following: Michael Fisher, Roddy Fisher, Keith Rodriguez, Bill Chow

Lolita Hassan nee Jeffrey

email address:

Attended Saints 1982 - 1986 With Ian Moonsammy, Shantini Singh, Ann Singh, Savitri Lutawan, etc..
Stan(ley) Gonsalves. SSC 1962-68. Calgary, Alberta. Looking to re-establish contact with any alumni from my era. I recently retired to Calgary.

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