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St. Stanislaus College Alumni Association Toronto

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4544 Sheppard Avenue East,
Toronto, Ontario M1S 1V2

The St. Stanislaus College Alumni Association Toronto was founded in 1993 and is devoted to making St. Stanislaus College the best educational institution in Guyana.
The college was founded by Fr. Langton S.J. in 1866.
Formerly run by the Jesuit Order of Catholic priests, the school was taken over by the Government in 1976 with Government-appointed teachers replacing the clergy in 1980.

The Association provides financial and other aid to the college to improve both the physical environment of the College and the opportunity for its students to acquire a strong educational foundation that will benefit them throughout their lives.
We need the support of former Saints students and their friends, to ensure that the current students develop their skills in an environment comparable to the one most of us were fortunate to have.

With today's busy schedules, attending to family and work constraints consumes much of our time.

We have been fortunate to have truly dedicated members who help in our fund-raising activities by volunteering their services or attending our events, and for this we thank you.
If you can spare the time to volunteer even for one event per year, we can certainly use your help.
We encourage you to attend our monthly meetings, and to consider joining the executive to use the many talents that we know many of you possess.


Executive Members

Member name

Executive Position

Vibert Lampkin President
Paul Camacho Vice President
Godfrey Whyte Secretary
Albert Smith Assistant Secretary
Andrew Insanally Treasurer
Renuka Persaud Assistant Treasurer
Paul Archer Director
Tyrone De Abreu Director
Jimmy Fung Director
Marcelline Ramcharan
Neville Devonish Director
Kesh Saywack
Des Jardine Director
Wayne Yeates Director
Art Veerasammy


St. Stanislaus College (Guyana) Alumni Society


Chairman of the Board : Des Jardine


Vice-Chairman : Vibert Lampkin


Directors: Paul Archer, Joe Castanheiro, Tyrone De Abreu, Shar Ramsaywack, Roger Devers


Executive Members

Member name

Executive Position

Des Jardine


Albert Smith


Paul Camacho

Assistant Secretary

Andrew Insanally


Savi Seenauth

Assistant Treasurer

Godfrey Whyte

Public Relations Officer

Hugh Hazlewood, Wayne Yeates

Officers at large

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