Saints Dinner/Dance 2009

Added on 28th May 2009

An Evening of Pure Delight

And that was before hundreds of invited guests left the West Rouge Community Centre after SAINTS’ April 18, 2009 all inclusive Spring Dinner/Dance. We don’t know what happened AFTER they left, but judging from the “romancing” that was evident, it is left to your imagination

It must have been the sweet, melodic, romantic songs spun by our incomparable DJ, Mr. Lolan Jones. Jonesie, as he is better known to his friends, mixed it up; from the bouncy beat of Bob Marley’s “One Love” to Ben E King’s “Stand by Me,” he had the “lovers” breathing heavily and swooning over each other.

It also must have been the food – prepared and served by our master caterer, Paula Braithwaite of Olga’s Savoury Cooking; “mouth-watering” chicken, dished out in liberal quantities to our appreciative guests.

It also must have been the included liquid refreshments that put our patrons “in the mood” for an unbelievable “night to remember.” Some even voiced their opinion, “It is great value for my money. How do you guys do it? Well done! We did and it’s all through our competent, hard working volunteers, especially our “new additions” to our Executive, Beverley Vandeyar and her “crew”, who on strict budget (we don’t throw our money around foolishly) (smile) had the hall “beautifully decorated and glowing in the dark”.

And don’t let’s forget our Raffle Queen, Phil Starz. Although missing her other half (Freda), Phil convinced her better half (Hubby, George) to become her assistant for a night. We don’t know the extent of the promises Phil made to George but seeing he never comes out to these fetes, we can well imagine the “commitment”.

At the end, our patrons did not want to go home. It took the intervention of the hall management to shut D.J. Jones down and halt the music after much "overtime" and this was all done without a RIOT (Smile).

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Well, we have again booked the hall for next year. Mark you calendar April 17, 2010 for another “Evening of pure delight.”

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