Short and Sweet: Fundraiser Book by Bobby Fernandes

The Saint Stanislaus College   Alumni Association of Toronto is selling copies of this new book by alumnus Bobby Fernandes at $15 each. Part of the proceeds of this sale will go to the SSCAAT and thus raise more funds for the College. Please contact Rupert De Castro at 416-298-2800 for further details.


This collection of twenty-five short stories and fables chronicles a way of life that is unmistakably Guyanese.

Robert John Fernandes is a well-known Guyanese adventurer and nature photographer and many of the stories were taken from his life experiences.  They provide fascinating snapshots of the Guyanese way of life.  They include a diverse range of characters from lost tribes to porknocker wives; from Leroy the laxative man to Ma Bancroft the gun-toting old lady.  

The fables, however, are a product of his overactive imagination and an ample supply of free time.  In these tales he examines the lives of rainbows, raindrops, old dogs, snail hawks and trees from a refreshingly Guyanese perspective.

With a photographer’s perception, Fernandes breathes life into the ever-changing backdrop of his often humorous and always poignant stories.  Many aspects of this personal tapestry are fast disappearing and need to be as part of Guyana’s national heritage.