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Arthur Veerasammy

Attended Saints from 1952 to 1957
I'm a Secretary.

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About Me
After being employed by the Booker Group of Companies for 11 years, I resigned to join a family business engaged in supplying materials and services to the major contractors for the Sea Defense reconstruction project as well as to the building contractors of the University of Guyana. After a one-year stint in Puerto Rico, I won the contract to install the plant and machinery for Colgate Palmolive for the production locally of Colgate Toothpaste.
Advice To Students
Absorb as much knowledge/ education as possible in order to fit into whatever niche of the job market you can apply your ability.
Favourite Memories of Saints
My favourite memories of Saints are of course the many lasting friendships of school mates; friendships which have lasted to the present day regardless of where we have settled. Even though I was not involved in sports at Saints, many of my school mates joined me in other sport activities such as motor racing after we had left Saints.
Why the Alumni Association is important to me
The five years spent at Saints are an integral part of whom I am perceived to be as a person. It is only fitting that, in some small way, I repay the institution which instilled those values in my persona. By serving in the association, I am also able to continue making contact with school mates all over the world and, in so doing, encourage them to give back to our Alma Mater.