Hon. John Rodriguez receives Guyana lifetime achievement award.

John Rodriguez received his elementary and high school education in Guyana and emigrated to Canada in 1956. After attending Teachers’ College in Toronto, he began his teaching career in St. Catharines, Ontario and moved to the Town of Coniston in 1962 where he assumed the role of Principal of St. Paul School. His leadership abilities and passion for community eventually led him to political life, first as a Member of Municipal Council in Coniston and later as Member of Parliament for the riding of Nickel Belt.

During his 18 years in federal politics, Mr. Rodriguez worked to improve the economic well-being of the Sudbury area and the quality of life of its citizens. A vibrant and respected politician, he served on numerous Standing Committees, including: Finance; Trade and Economic Affairs; Labour; Employment and Immigration; Regional Development; Indian Affairs and Northern Development; Single Industry Communities and Regional Economic Expansion.

In 2006, John Rodriguez re-entered the local political arena when he was elected Mayor of the City of Greater Sudbury—an office that oversees the trillion-dollar Sudbury Basin, the richest mining district in North America. A strong advocate for community growth and development, he has worked diligently to shape the community’s strategy for growth in areas such as mining and mining research, health care, arts and culture, and recreation.

Mayor Rodriguez is a former member of the Board of Governors of the Ontario Teachers’ Federation, past President of both the local and provincial Catholic Teachers’ Unions, and holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English and Spanish Literature from Laurentian University. A long-time volleyball coach, he and his wife, Bertilla, have five sons and five grandchildren.

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