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Paul Camacho

Attended Saints from 1958 to 1965

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pcamacho AT st-stanislaus-gy.com
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Executive Position:  Vice President
About Me
I attended Saint Stanislaus College from 1958 to 1965.
Advice To Students
Your time spent in secondary school will have a significant impact on the person you are to become. Make proper use of this period in your life - it is when for most of you, decisions about careers will be made and, life-long friendships will be started. Always keep in mind that "a healthy mind in a healthy body is good advice for young and old".
Favourite Memories of Saints
Being selected to represent Saint Stanislaus College at both Cricket and Football. It was always a privilege. In later years, I was given the opportunity to assist in the coaching of the School's football teams - this too was a privilege.
Why the Alumni Association is important to me
It provides an opportunity for me to contribute to Saint Stanislaus College. If this effort can have a positive impact on the lives of the current and future students (as it is intended), it will be time well spent.