Donations: July 2001

The following items are being donated to St. Stanislaus College. The items are being shipped via Laparkan, Dock Receipt #


Home Economics / Cafeteria


Qty.                 Description


2                     Coffee Percolators

1 Box              s.s. Milk / Creamers

1                     4 Drawer Filing Cabinet

1                     Trolley Cart

1                     Stainless steel standard Work Station

1                     Stainless steel Work Station c/w toaster warmer drawers

1                     Stainless steel Counter with sink and overhead hose.

1                     Deep Fryer

1                     Double Pizza Oven

2                     Work Station

2                     Portable Tray Stands (Curved top)

1                     Litton Heavy Duty Microwave

Several            Metal Baking Trays

2                     Portable Food Warmers (Blue)

2                     Double Steel tray trolleys

1                     Ice Cream Freezer




1                     Incubator (Gallencamp)

1                     Refrigerator

1                     Vacuum Pump

1                     Vacuum Receiver

1                     Gas Regulator

1                     Glass Desiccator

Various            Test Tube Racks

1                     Water Bath Incubator

3                     Timers

Selection         Glassware (Conical Flasks, Vials etc.)

Selection         Volumetric Flasks

Selection         Pipettes

Selection         Pipette Tip Holders

2                     Pipette Washers

1                     Separatory Funnel





20                    Metal Book Shelves

1                      Desk

Selection          Reference Books




Shipping Address:

                                    St. Stanislaus College

                        C/O      St. Stanislaus College Alumni Association

                                    1 Brickdam




                                    Tel.#            65537