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Godfrey Whyte

Attended Saints from 1961 to 1968

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gwhyte AT st-stanislaus-gy.com
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Executive Position:  Assistant Secretary
About Me
I attended St. Stanislaus College from 1961 to 1968. I taught there for a year and then spent four years in France doing degrees in French and Linguistics. I taught in Guyana and Jamaica and did further studies in the United States in French, Linguistics and Education, before coming to Canada.
Advice To Students
Study hard and don't be afraid to ask difficult questions. You'll never regret it.
Favourite Memories of Saints
Discipline - The way we all followed the rules like walking up the stairs on the right in single file, or all making sure we got at least our "standard points" for our Houses in preparation for Sports Day. The early understanding that we had to take responsibility for our actions and not seek to blame others for our shortcomings. The dedication of our teachers.

Discussion - Great memories of the wide-ranging discussions with Frs. Bovell and Barrow which started off as issues of religious Doctrine but branched off into all areas of contemporary life.
Why the Alumni Association is important to me
It is important to me because it is a means of giving something back to the College and to Guyana. I have had many opportunities open to me through the education I received and feel I should help as much as possible. It is also a means of getting back in touch with old friends who have settled in N. America and elsewhere.